Who Knows Dartmouth?

Trivia 2
A night of community fun for a good cause. (Photo credit to Nancy Irvine)

By Kate Watson

On May 28th, over 100 people filled the hall of St. Paul Church on Windmill Road for a trivia fundraiser in support of  The North Dartmouth Echo.

The Echo is a community newspaper that has been around for a dozen years. Started in 2004 by Sylvia Anthony and a team of people who love North Dartmouth, it spreads the good news about this vibrant community.

The Echo is run by volunteers, but there are print costs that have traditionally been covered by ad revenue (The Echo has some awesome supporters!), but as we all know, print media is suffering.

We at The Echo believe it’s important to have a physical paper as a portion of our readers do not have easy access to a computer or are not comfortable using one.

So, a fundraiser was in order!

The evening raised over $2,000 and was a roaring success. The Sham-rocks entertained. Former policeman Donnie Jenkins was the perfect MC. The silent auction drew some intense bidding. And the photo trivia! Well, people mulled and discussed and worked hard to identify the 14 displayed pictures.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support The Echo. It is truly a community paper, and it thrives because the community supports it.

If you didn’t get a chance to come, you could consider supporting the paper either through donation or by buying an ad. (Contact Sylvia Anthony at 902-452-8068)

Below are the questions so you can test your knowledge. Do you know Dartmouth?


Round 1 – Dartmouth Echo Trivia Night Questions – May 28 (1 point each)

1. What Dartmouth historian wrote “Hockey’s Home: Halifax Dartmouth – The Origin of Canada’s Game”?
2. In 1876, Keane’s ferry ran from Dartmouth North to North Halifax. What type of boat was used for this ferry service?


3. What are the geese at Sullivan’s pond famous for?


4. What is the name of the space on Primrose Street where people can come together for free lunches, family dinners, cooking classes and other programs?
5. What year was the Dartmouth General Hospital founded?


6. A Service of Remembrance is held each year on December 6 at a tiny park at the corner of Albro Lake Road and Pinecrest Drive. What is the name of the park?


7. Which Joel Plaskett song contains the line “I took the Dartmouth Ferry into the town…”?


8. Who opened a spice and cocoa company in Dartmouth in 1853?
9. Who is the internationally-renowned Dartmouth artist best known for painting in egg tempera and using canvases of unusual shapes?
10. The Peace Pavilion on the Dartmouth waterfront was opened during the G7 Economic Summit in 1995. What is displayed inside?
11. The Stairs family established a rope factory on Wyse Road in 1868. What year did it close?
12. Humble Pies is a Dartmouth-based business that sells savoury hand-held pies. What country did the inspiration for the pies come from?
13. What game is played in the field beside the Findlay Centre?


14. Name the three streets that intersect at 5 Corners.


15. What is the name of the friendly orange cat that sometimes stows away in people’s cars by Sullivan’s Pond?
16. Who was the first woman to be elected as mayor of the City of Dartmouth?
17. Where is the highest point of land within the boundaries of the Circumferential Highway?


18. When the VE Day riots took place in Halifax in 1945, Dartmouth’s police chief John Lawlor took this step to protect his city.
19. Which Nova Scotian poet, born in Dartmouth, was the first African-Canadian woman to sit on the Dalhousie Board of Governors?
20. On April 19th 2015, over 200 people took part in a “Human River Walk”. What were they walking in support of?
Round 2- Dartmouth Echo Trivia Night Questions – May 28 (2 points each)
1. The town of Dartmouth was incorporated in 1873. Who was its first mayor?


2. A naval radio communications station for the Atlantic Coast was set up in 1942. Where in Dartmouth was it located?


3. Where were the Golden Gates to Halifax’s Point Pleasant Park made?


4. Fairfield Manor was built in 1830 in an area bounded by the Harbour and Faulkner, John and Pelzant Streets. Who moved there in 1857, the year after he had been defeated as Premier of Nova Scotia?


5. What popular Dartmouth sports venue was founded on St. George’s Day, 1885?


6. George Wright was born in 1849 and died when Titanic sank in 1912. Although this body was never found, his gravestone is located in the cemetery of which Dartmouth church?


7. Dartmouth Natal Day was first held in 1895 to celebrate what event?


8. What is the name of the house where Helen Creighton, famous writer and cultural collector, lived?


9. What was the original name of the Nova Scotia Hospital?
10. In the early 1900s, which lake provided water to the Nova Scotia Hospital?


11. Name the three paddling clubs on Lake Banook


12. How many men fell to their deaths during the construction of the
Angus L. Macdonald Bridge?


13. What was the NICKNAME of the baseball park located where the Dartmouth Holiday Inn now stands?
14. What was the name of the first vessel to travel the Shubenacadie Canal from Dartmouth Cove to Maitland?
15. Which Dartmouth historian wrote “In the Wake of the Alderney” and “The Dartmouthians”?
16. Feeding Others of Dartmouth or F.O.O.D. is located on Ochterloney Street. What other name is it known as?
17. What is the name of the brightly-coloured candy shop obn Portland Street in Downtown Dartmouth?
18. Name the award-winning playwright and former Member of Parliament who makes her home in Dartmouth.
19. What kind of wood did the Mi’kmaq people use to make “Mic-Mac” hockey sticks?
20. Who was the last mayor of the City of Dartmouth?