Spread a little Holiday cheer and a little Dartmouth Love

HD in partnership with Orlando Media Company are gifting a FREE 2-PACK of Hello Dartmouth stickers to one and all. Head on over to ostore and grab yours today while supplies last.

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Brightwood Brewery: A Pint-sized Dartmouth Business

By Kate Watson Ian Lawson and Matt McGrail like making beer. Or to be more accurate, Ian Lawson and Matt McGrail LOVE making beer. They love it...

Tomcod Clothing – Wearing Our Community Pride

Two young entrepreneurs are celebrating our Dartmouth community pride with their unique clothing line. Where did the idea for Tomcod Clothing Co. come from? Tomcod Clothing...


A Student’s perspective on Dartmouth traffic woes

Student Mary Metz has come up with a map to showcase the areas in Downtown Dartmouth where drivers and pedestrians face more challenges.


Cries for help.

The system has failed him, and in turn the system has failed us Let me be clear: This is not a story about feuding neighbours....


Barbara Schmeisser Artist Talk at The Craig this Sunday

Barbara Schmeisser’s steel Wallflowers are meant to have attitude and express “a new awareness of themselves.”

Magical holiday fare with Tales of the Old North

    The bitter months of winter are a challenge for those of us who live in northern climes. As we struggle to stay hopeful through...

Free All ages show – Wild Domestic, Glory Glory, Cursed Arrows at CD Heaven

CD Heaven is a small 'boutique' record shop that lives in the Dartmouth Shopping center. While they sell the usual fare of CD's, records,...

Pop-Up Love Party: A Show for Five Senses

by Alex McLean, co-artistic director, Zuppa Theatre Co. The crew at Hello Dartmouth asked me to say a little about Pop-Up Love Party – a...

The Craig welcomes the visual artists of Prismatic Arts Festival 2014

For The month of August we are honoured to present the work of the three featured visual artists of this year’s Prismatic Arts Festival....