Friday, December 2, 2022


Staggers’ and staff turn tragedy into community support

While the staff is waiting until Staggers re-opens, they decided as a group to volunteer and help out other businesses nearby by donating their time and offering free labour.

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Sugar Shok tax free sale, and gift with purchase

Sugar Shok is having tax free sale, sidewalk sale, and gift with purchase

Humble Pie: A Taste of Down Under in Dartmouth

  By Kate Watson You’ve heard of finger food, but a new Dartmouth business called Humble Pie Kitchen is offering something that’s really more of a...



A Student’s perspective on Dartmouth traffic woes

Student Mary Metz has come up with a map to showcase the areas in Downtown Dartmouth where drivers and pedestrians face more challenges.


Top 10 Ways Dartmouth Bests Halifax

Let's just be honest. "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride" aptly describes how Dartmouth is often perceived in comparison to its sibling across the...


Sharing the Arkells-love at Alderney Gate Library

Mary Wilton  loves working at the Alderney Gate Library. Mary Wilton is a big Arkells fan. After winning a cool contest on Twitter, she's taking...

Two in the Coop – A play for all ages at Alderney Landing Theatre

  There comes a time when every little bird must leave the safety of its nest and take flight. But how do you know that...

Tom Forrestall – Open to Surprise

By Kate Watson In 2007, when Tom Forrestall spent several weeks painting at the Vatican, the guards weren’t quite sure what to make of him. They’d...

The urban surf kings live on Portland st

The urban surf kings live on Portland st

Enlightened : 2013 Craig Gallery Christmas Event

  The beginning of this year’s Christmas Season will see The Craig Gallery at Alderney Landing  infused with astoundingly beautiful lamplight, veiled by stunningly hand-painted...





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