Dartmouth Cove Concierge: A Helping Hand in Downtown Dartmouth



Christa Greenwood is a community-minded person with a love for Downtown Dartmouth.

She has combined these two qualities to come up with a unique business idea: Dartmouth Cove Concierge.


Tell us a little about the services offered by Dartmouth Cove Concierge.

CG: Our goal is to make life easier for our neighbours in the downtown Dartmouth condo community, and we accomplish this by providing a range of easily accessible and customized services. We fulfill the condo owner’s need to have their home regularly checked while traveling, in accordance with their home insurance policy. Pet owners have access to convenient and personalized in-home pet sitting services, and we offer cost-effective individual dog walks/pee breaks. Condo owners that need or wish to have a little extra help with everyday errands, can make use of our unique locally-based concierge/errand services.

Where did the idea for the business come from?

CG: As a resident of King’s Wharf, it’s clear that the community around me is flourishing; I wanted to be a part of the growth and build connections with my neighbours, animals and humans alike.

What types of people could use this type of service?

CG: Our services are tailored to the thriving downtown Dartmouth condo community, but we are open to working with anyone in the downtown core that is interested in our services.

What role has the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED), played in getting this business off the ground?

CG: I can’t say enough positive things about the CEED/SEB Program!  I have met so many inspiring entrepreneurial “ceedlings”, many of whom make up our notable downtown business district.

Why do you think you’re the right person to do this job?

CG: I’m a proud Dartmouthian, supporter of local business, and animal fan…I am equal parts dog person and cat person!  I enjoy building connections in my community, and I’m so excited to now have a career that allows me to do just that.

How can a business like this make Dartmouth a greener, friendlier, more vibrant community?

CG:Dartmouth Cove Concierge serves the downtown Dartmouth community on foot, and we aim to collaborate with local businesses through our concierge/errand services, to make their products more accessible to customers.  Our pet population adds so much vitality to our neighbourhood, and we want pet owners to have even more reliable and accessible options for pet care.


Contact Dartmouth Cove Concierge:

Monday to Sunday: 9am to 7pm