New Memorial to David Bowie in Dartmouth

David Bowie memorial
Photos and story by Alan Collins
David Bowie memorial
Visit the Bowie memorial at New Scotland Yard Emporium. (Photos and story by Alan Collins)

Following David Bowie’s surprise death on January 10th at the age of 69, two members of Dartmouth’s arts community Violet Rosengarten (visual artist)and Alan Collins (filmmaker) made a street-side memorial in his honour which is currently on view in the window of the New Scotland Yard Emporium at 45 Portland Street in Dartmouth. The Emporium is a new record store, hairdressing salon and café opened by renowned singer-songwriter Joel Plaskett in September 2015, which has helped to revitalize downtown Dartmouth.

Members of the public are invited to view the David Bowie memorial and, if they wish, leave a memento or a flower while they visit the New Scotland Yard Emporium and drink a cappuccino in honour of the great musician, actor and fashion star. This year he released a new album with an iconic video “Black Star” on his 69th birthday to critical acclaim. Patrons of the Emporium may request a piece of music by David Bowie to be played on the store’s unique sound system while they sip their coffee and reflect on his amazing career.

Shortly after his death the Chronicle Herald published a special editorial entitled Lament for a Legend:

Iconic is an overused word but it fitted David Bowie like a glove. For countless Nova Scotians, as for millions of his fans around the world, news of the legendary chameleon like singer’s death – from the cancer he’d battled for 18 months – was shocking, even incomprehensible .

To millions of his fans David Bowie was irreplaceable and unforgettable. His influence will continue to be felt wherever rock and roll music is played. Long live David Bowie in our hearts and minds!

New Scotland Yard Emporium
New Scotland Yard Emporium at 45 Portland Street