Fare-well Our Thyme


For those of you who don’t know, I am the owner of Sugar Shok Candy Boutique, I want to share with you how this wonderful little cafe inspired me to change and take control of my destiny.

It’s been 8 years since I stumbled into The Our Thyme Cafe on Portland Street. I was working for RBC at the time, I was their first customer, I would go there daily for my 4-7 cups of coffee that I required to make it through my day. Often my first cup would be accompanied by a breakfast sandwich or THE BEST carrot cake I ever had in my life. I loved that place from the moment I walked into it, I loved the vibe, what they were doing to help women, watching the women transform from quiet, shy, insecure souls, to vibrant, confident women, with goals and dreams. It was truly and privilege to be a part of and an inspiration to watch, especially when I was going through my own hard times, I knew I had a place to go where I could actually see hope. They were given an opportunity to build confidence and gain skills and they grabbed it in hope of making a better life for themselves. This inspired me to take charge of my own obstacles and make a change in my own life. To this day I credit them with helping me win my battle with major depression, inspiring me to become self employed when everyone else thought I was nuts for wanting to open a candy store in gloomy old Downtown Dartmouth. But they see what I see in the area, hope, growth and a unique sense of community. The Our Thyme is where I first saw my husband in passing, getting his breakfast sandwich, they were the first people we told that we were dating, they made our wedding cake and were guests at our wedding, I am really going to miss them. I think Dartmouth is really going to miss them too.


  1. It is sad to see Our Thyme Café close its doors, they delivered far more than good food, great coffee and the best cup of hot tea for us tea lovers! They provided a place to feel part of a community, not only for the women who took the training, but for anyone who made the café part of their regular routine. They had the best customers who not only enjoyed the food and atmosphere but believed in what the Program was all about empowering women, second chances, training opportunities and most of all hope! Customers donated clothes, housewares even furniture to women who where moving out on there on, they donated piano’s so there could be music, and there was music, the music of life was played everyday in a café where community, good food and hope came together and that made everyone’s day just a little better!
    Thank you Our Thyme Café!

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