Sharing the Arkells-love at Alderney Gate Library

Handy map by Mary Wilton
Handy map by Mary Wilton
Handy map by Mary Wilton

Mary Wilton  loves working at the Alderney Gate Library. Mary Wilton is a big Arkells fan.

After winning a cool contest on Twitter, she’s taking the opportunity to combine these two things.

“The Arkells had a contest in the fall where they were giving away a bunch of “wishes” to fans. One of them was for their pianist Anthony Carone to play jazz piano at a Christmas office party. I offered up playing at the library instead, and won,” she explains.

It was decided to have the library concert coincide with their tour stop here. So that means Anthony is going to drop by the library tomorrow at noon to play some jazzy Arkells covers.

“It’s free and open to everyone since that’s how the library rolls,” says Wilton. “I figured considering where I work, it made sense to share my prize with the community.”