Meet Geneva – a young entrepreneur who’s serious about soap

11-year-old geneva is natural crafty and naturally entrepreneurial
11-year-old Geneva is naturally craft-y and naturally entrepreneurial


Geneva has always been an adventurous, creative girl. Her fingers never seem to stop creating things. It could be paper, string, clay or love letters for her family.  This spring, Geneva’s enthusiasm for crafting hit new heights when she discovered that she could make soap.

Soap-making began as a fun, family event, and Geneva was in her glory. All her imaginative spirit came alive as she put her creative effort into blending product, colour and gentle scent.

A few trips around her Dartmouth neighborhood and to friends’ front doors to show them her creations sparked local interest. And from there, Naturally Geneva, an organic soap and soaping supply business, was born.

Ingredients in each soap includes skin-friendly elements such as mango butter, aloe butter, cocoa butter, shea butter and essential oils. People who are sensitive to artificial colours are happy to learn that Geneva only uses clay-derivatives or vegetable-based colouring. All products are certified 100% organic, and bars of soap sell for $5 each.

Through running her own small business, Geneva is learning about managing labour, the cost of supplies and her profits. (With the money she makes, Geneva plans to take a horseback riding adventure through the Canadian Rockies.)

Watch for Geneva at the Alderney Market in November or visit the Naturally Geneva Facebook page and email


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