Magical holiday fare with Tales of the Old North

Villagers and the evil Queen in Xara's "Tales of the Old North"


Villagers and the evil Queen in Xara's "Tales of the Old North"
Villagers and the evil Queen in Xara’s “Tales of the Old North”


The bitter months of winter are a challenge for those of us who live in northern climes. As we struggle to stay hopeful through its long, dark nights, we often come together seeking to be transported through storytelling, spectacle and song.

Xara Choral Theatre’s new seasonal show Tales of the Old North promises to transport us to a timeless world conjured up from Scandinavian folk tales – a world filled with magical creatures, an evil queen and a brave heroine named Ariana.

“We wanted to build a show that was wintery, magical, and that had a hopeful message that would speak to our audiences,” says Xara’s choreographer and co-artistic director Claire Legere.

The story focuses on a young girl who saves her village from the hunger and despair of winter with the help of a giant white bear.

Legere says people of all ages will be awed by the show’s combination of choral music, movement and puppetry. “The character of the wind is an immense puppet with 30 foot wings operated by 23 performers.

“It takes up the whole stage.”

Each year, Xara intends to stage a different tale set in the same world.

“We’d like it to become a holiday tradition for families,” says Legere. “But a tradition with a bit of a twist.”


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November 27th and 28th at Alderney Landing Theatre

Tickets are 20$ for Adults 10$ for Students & Youth

Tickets can be purchased via the Alderney Landing box office


Xara has also launched a Community Ticket Program, enabling audiences and supporters to pay it forward and purchase a ticket on behalf of someone else who may not otherwise be able to attend the show.

Community Tickets can be donated via Xara’s Canada Helps page