Summer love and a new show du*al*ism by Doug Belding


Greetings Dartmouthians,

I hope you’re enjoying summer as much as I am!

Here at the gallery we have a new show opening Friday, Aug 5 at 7pm and we can’t wait!  This show is called du*al*ism by Doug Belding, and explores equal and opposing forces – and our nature as humans.  A story set in 10 paintings, you’ll see a couple move through adventures and excitement.  As Doug says,

“This set of paintings is an adventure within the idea that everything has two opposite parts (good – evil | body – soul | male – female | creative – destructive | motion – stillness) and how they face the challenges that are presented. Through this journey the characters stay the same size, though the canvas on which their challenges present themselves are evolving. The characters appearance also evolves through the series as each challenge does have an effect, however their colour stays true as any element with a life force is represented with aqua tones.”

You can also watch some of these paintings as they’re constructed and come to life – check out Doug’s time lapse videos here:

and here:


As well, Picnic at Dart has a brand menu to coincide with the show!  Chef Allan has been getting rave reviews and this new menu looks pretty incredible:



Hope to see you soon Dartmouth!

Peace, love, & carrots,