Passage Pizza Serving Their Community

Nada Toulany photo Curtis Berkman
Nada Toulany photo Curtis Berkman

Nestled in the heart of Eastern Passage, is a cuisine haven for pizza enthusiasts. Stepping into this cozy and vibrant eatery, one is instantly greeted by the warm aroma of freshly made pizza pie. With its inviting decor, friendly staff, and an array of tantalizing options, Passage Pizza offers a delightful experience that is sure to please even the most discerning palates. The star of the show at Passage Pizza is undeniably their pizza. Prepared with the finest ingredients, each option delivers an explosion of flavor. The dough, Crispy on the outside yet delightfully soft on the inside, provides the perfect foundation. Topped generously with fresh delicious toppings, their menu options are a true testament to the art of traditional pizza-making. From classic pepperoni and cheese to having Italy meet the Maritimes with their donair pizza, and their own special passage ultimate, Passage Pizza’s menu offers something to satisfy every craving.

Nada Toulany, the compassionate owner of Passage Pizza, goes above and beyond the call of duty, not only in creating mouth watering pizzas but also in making a positive impact on the local community. Toulany’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility has transformed her pizzeria into a hub of community engagement and support. Her dedication to giving back is not only commendable but also an inspiration to all. Her community involvement does not go unnoticed as Toulany is a recipient of The Queen Elizabeth the ll’s Platinum Jubilee Medal. 

Toulany was awarded The Queen Elizabeth the ll’s Platinum Jubilee medal from Barba Adams for her contribution and dedication to her community. Toulany always felt a special connection in Eastern Passage and does her part to be involved as much as she can. Moving forward, Toulany plans to continue to do her part on supporting the locals while serving her fresh pizza with a warm friendly smile. 


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