Developing Linden Lea: Speak Up, Now!

Rendering of the proposed Linden Lea development
Rendering of the proposed Linden Lea development
Rendering of the proposed Pemberly Suites development on Linden Lea

By Kate Watson

The changes needed to allow the 41-unit development that has been proposed for Dartmouth’s Linden Lea are coming to a special meeting of Regional Council this Tuesday, August 9th.

In 2014, a group of citizens got together to inform the public about the proposed development, and to voice their concerns about it. (Read about it here)

At that time, “The Friends of Linden Lea” expressed dismay at the lack of publicity around the Public Information Meeting.¬† It seems that history is repeating itself with Tuesday’s Public Hearing, which was added to the agenda with little fanfare.

The group has raised concerns about the dimensions and design of the building, parking and traffic, changes to the character of the neighbourhood, as well as other issues. So far, these concerns do not appear to have been adequately addressed.

There is no question that owner Mark Bergman has the right to develop his land. What is in question is whether the project should be granted a site-specific amendment to designate it as an “opportunity site” to allow a building of this size.

The land is presently designated as “Downtown Neighbourhood”, which¬† is intended to protect the character of residential neighbourhoods surrounding the downtown business district. It allows one and two-unit buildings, medium density townhouses and low-rise apartments.

This proposal would see a 12-unit building demolished. This existing building is in desperate need of repair and is no thing of beauty, but it is an affordable home for several families.

There are lots of important reasons why density is desirable in our downtown core, but not all density has to look like the proposed “Pemberly Suites”.

Citizens get exhausted, discouraged and jaded when they feel that their voices aren’t heard.

Let’s hope Tuesday’s meeting is more than lip-service.

When: Tuesday, August 9th

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: City Hall (Council Chambers) 1841 Argyle Street

Written submissions must be received by the Clerks Office ( by 3pm, Tuesday, August 9th.