Breakfast with Joel Plaskett



So as they say… or as Joel Plaskett says Good things come in threes…This morning’s event hosted by the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission & The Wooden Monkey was a trifecta of Dartmouth goodness- Breakfast at the Wooden Monkey, Dartmouth Business Owners, & Joel Plaskett!! You can’t get more “Downtown Dartmouth” than this! So I said sign me up J.There were approximately forty people up early on a windy/rainy maritime morning to gather and celebrate the ongoing revival of Downtown Dartmouth and hear Joel speak a bit about his new venture called New Scotland Yard Emporium.

New Scotland Yard Emporium is located on 45 Portland St. The mixed use space was the former location of Uptown Girl. New Scotland Yard Emporium has something for everyone, coffee, music, and a haircut. Sounds recession proof to me! Offering some of the best in local entrepreneurs, New Scotland Yard Emporium is host to familiar faces such as Chris Pennell , bass player for the Emergency, Alex Babineau from Honey and Butter, and of course Taz Records.

Joel spoke at this morning’s breakfast showing his love for Downtown Dartmouth and working on a business that is inclusive and adds to the character of Portland St. As many recall Portland St. was once a bustling street of department stores, the landmarks are still there but the game has changed.

The revitalization is underway folks, and you can see it for yourself, take a nice walk downtown and check out all the shops popping up. It is a very exciting time for Downtown Dartmouth, the downtown core is truly busting with creativity and character, something that our society lacks at the best of times.

Everyone is welcome Downtown Dartmouth, so take a walk and say Hello Dartmouth!

New Scotland Yard Emporium is open Monday – Friday 7 am – 6 pm and Saturday 8am-5pm.

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Jen was raised in the Highlands of Cape Breton and learned first hand the beauty the world has to offer, especially on the East Coast. During the week you can find her on the soccer field playing for Dartmouth Storm Propellor, and on the weekend hopefully hiking one of the beautiful trails around the city and gardening in her community garden. Her day job is supporting local employers with their Employee Health Plans.