Urban Impressions


Greetings Dartmouth,
I hope all has been well with you and you’ve been enjoying summer.
At The Dart Gallery we’ve been enjoying the warm weather and of course great art from local artists. Last Thursday we had a brand new show open, “Urban Impressions” by Susan Cargill. This exhibit features abstract paintings that are conceived from concrete ideas and places, some of them right here in Dartmouth. This body of work was created over four months this past winter, where Susan approached her work with excitement and discipline – she began painting at 8am, every day, seven days a week.
Susan has taken some of our favourite Dartmouth landmarks (and beyond) and created paintings which evoke the feelings and sensations associated with these places and attributes. As she says, “When I have an idea for a painting, my first impulse is to use my classical training to create a realistic image. Now I want to move beyond that physical reality to explore the elements that make up a particular subject. I think of the emotions the image evokes. I think of colours, shapes, positions, relationships, textures, light and shadow – all the elements that form an image.”
Have you ever wondered where an artists’ inspiration comes from, particularly for an abstract piece? Good news – Susan has written short explanations for each piece in this show. With the painting ‘City Sailing’ she writes, “An important part of our history is rooted in sailing. One of the great joys of living in Dartmouth, Halifax and Bedford is the ability to sail in the Halifax Harbour and the Bedford Basin.”
For ‘Boats on Lake Banook’ she states, “This work is inspired by the rich history of canoeing, kayaking and rowing on Lake Banook and all its national and international rowing/paddling champions.”
And in tribute to all art forms, she has created the work ‘Celebrating Art Forms’ about which she says, “Performing, visual and literary arts enrich our lives on many levels making us think and feel providing golden moments of entertainment, controversy, intellectual challenge and personal satisfaction. This work is a tribute to all art forms and the artists who practise their diverse arts sharing their creativity, curiosity energy and unique talent. As well, it celebrates art lovers who appreciate and support creative works.”
Urban Impressions runs until August 4 – these dreamy paintings are not to be missed! Up next is the second solo show from Dartmouth’s Dwayne Carberry, opening August 6, 7-9pm.
Until next time Dartmouth,
Peace, love, & carrots,