Top 10 Ways Dartmouth Bests Halifax



Let’s just be honest. “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride” aptly describes how Dartmouth is often perceived in comparison to its sibling across the harbour. But in many areas, Dartmouth is just better than Halifax. Want to make a joke about living in the ‘Dark-side’, be my guest. ‘Dark-side’ ? IT not only sounds badass. It IS badass.

10. Cheaper housing – I hear lots of wagging jaws about Halifax being the place to buy. Sure if you want to spend 100k-200k more for a house on a postage stamp. Kings Warf Development, Dartmouth

9. Better parking – Halifax parking? Seriously do I need to qualify this?

8. Development – Halifax is dried up. Sure you can continue knocking down city blocks to squeeze in a building or two. But I don’t think any amount of one-way signs is going to solve your congestion issues. We’ve more land to develop, a cornucopia of possibilities, and we’re taking our time and doing it right. Halifax can keep on infilling and scraping together what little they’ve got left.

7. Quick jaunt to the airport –  Only true jet setters live here. See all you Haligonians in traffic.

6. Dartmouth’s waterfront doesn’t stink – Anyone who has spent any time on the waterfront will tell you, when the wind is blowing, Halifax side of the Harbor is not unlike a gas station washroom.

5. Halifax’s crime rates are skyrocketing – haven’t heard of any swarming on the Dartmouth commons in recent memory. And whatever is in the water in Halifax’s South End, I wouldn’t want to be a young woman living there.

Rainbow Haven, Dartmouth

4. City of Lakes, bitches! – Ice-skating, Outdoor Hockey, Dragon Boat Festival, public downtown swimming. Truly communal clean spaces EVERYONE can enjoy. Not just water filled with gas and oil from a handful of boat owners.

3. Strip club – No morality discussion here, but we’ve literally got the only game in town.

2. Life’s a beach – Rainbow Haven,  Lawrence Town, Albro – you pick, see you there in 15 minutes.

1. Joel mutha-truckin Plaskett – Do I stutter? I don’t think so.

Joel Plasket

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