Tomcod Clothing – Wearing Our Community Pride

Jon Hoskin and Andrew van Nostrand
 Jon Hoskin and Andrew van Nostrand
Tomcod Clothing Co.’s Jon Hoskin and Andrew van Nostrand

Two young entrepreneurs are celebrating our Dartmouth community pride with their unique clothing line.

Where did the idea for Tomcod Clothing Co. come from?

Tomcod Clothing Co. came simply from wanting to represent where we are from while also displaying part of our proud history and community. The Coat of Arms represents when Dartmouth was a city.  

Why “Tomcod”? What does it mean?

We chose the name Tomcod because “Tomcod Ground” is the original Mi’kmaq name for Dartmouth. Tomcod is a type of fish and “Tomcod Ground” was known for its plentiful resources of Tomcod in the 1700s.

Who is involved in the company, and what roles do they play?

Jon Hoskin is the founder and handles finance, and Andrew van Nostrand is in charge of all of the operations and marketing. Jon is a Saint Mary’s University graduate and works as an accountant for a living and Andrew is currently completing is computer science degree at Saint Mary’s University and has extensive experience as a website developer and online marketing.

What do you think makes Dartmouth a special place to live and work?

Dartmouth is a special place to live because of the sense of pride that you feel from the variety of people as well as how beautiful it is. We both grew up in Dartmouth and know it’s such a diverse yet tight knit community where everybody supports one another in a positive way.

Tell us a little about the products you offer

We currently offer Dartmouth Coat of Arms products available in Unisex T-Shirts (Navy Blue & Grey) sizes S-4XL, Ladies V-Neck (Dark Grey) sizes S-XL and Unisex Hoodies (Navy Blue and Black) sizes S-2XL.

How/where are they made?

The clothing is designed and printed here in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Why will people love your clothing line?

People who love Dartmouth will love our clothing because it brings Dartmouth back to its “city” roots when we still had our own Coat of Arms, before Halifax Regional Municipality amalgamation.  We believe Dartmouth residents have a distinct sense of pride unmatched by any other city.

Tells us a little about your “Dartmouth Initiative”

Each and every month we will be donating 10% of our profits to a different cause that relates in some way to giving back to the Dartmouth community.

Where can people buy them?

Our clothes can be bought online at or every Saturday at the Alderney Landing Farmers Market between 8am and 1pm. We also offer free shipping in the Halifax Regional Municipality. The Trainyard General Store also sells our products 6 days a week at 53 Portland Street.