The Colossus of Dr. Robert k. Turner Elementary



















The Colossus of Dr. Robert k. Turner elementary. This playground is Huge! Emphasis on its name! It can be an exciting place for a family or even a whole function of people. There is ample parking around the school and on the street nearby. Some amenities include benches, three person basketball, a basketball court, some garbage cans and a baseball field.


The majority of this playground is different bar related activities. Monkey bars all over the place and bar bridges connecting everything together. It has a large triple slide, some floating pods, a spiral slide, and telephone tubes. A con to this playground is that it has rather high steps, which can be quite challenging for little ones to climb.


There is also a Tri-spinner, which at first may seem hard to use but once you get it going it’s quite entertaining (Not intended for those effected by motion sickness).