The Bookroom: A place to browse and buy

Meet Jamey Piedalue, book lover and book seller. (Photo by Rebecca Douglass)
Meet Jamey Piedalue, book lover and book seller. (Photo by Rebecca Douglass)
Meet Jamey Piedalue, book lover and book seller. (Photo by Rebecca Douglass)

Jamey Piedalue has always wanted to open a book store. With some creative thinking, plus a little help from a friend, his dream has come true.

The Bookroom, a cozy space at the back of CD Heaven in the Dartmouth Shopping Centre, recently opened for business. It holds about 700 books from Piedalue’s own eclectic collection.

“I’m a big fan of CD Heaven, and I see a real parallel between the tactile nature of looking through books and records, ” says Piedalue, whose full time job is as Health Services Manager at Dartmouth Community Mental Health. “So when Candace [CD Heaven’s owner Candace Redden] mentioned there was a space at the back of the store available, I jumped at it. It’s got a funky feel that I really like.”

Piedalue’s aim is to offer quality hardcovers at reasonable prices. The collection focuses on Can Lit, mystery, biography and “the biggest baseball-book collection in town”. There is also a smattering of art, poetry and theatre books, coffee table volumes and vintage paperbacks.

“I want to sell books that look and feel nice. I know that eReaders have their uses, but I think most of us still crave the weight and feel of a book. And I want people to feel like they can just come in and browse. You never know what treasures you’ll find when you’re not on the hunt for something specific.”

The Bookroom is located at 118 Wyse Road.

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  1. It takes many partners to build a learning community. We are thrilled to celebrate the opening of The Bookroom just down from our Network on Wyse Road. The more experiences, opportunities and places to go a person has in their community the more enhanced their learning journey becomes. Dartmouth, especially Dartmouth North is working to build a community of rich cultural opportunities all within easy walking distance for any resident. Watch us grow, Watch our community learn. Watch us build a community of supportive relationships.

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