The Big Lifts of Shannon Park Elementary school



















This is a double site playground. There isn’t street parking for this playground site but there is a parking lot next to the school with open parking. Amenities include a soccer field, large hill, and three person basketball. A con for this playground is that it is surrounded by abandoned military housing.


The first is large with plenty of climbing and monkey bar activities. There are step pods, a bar bridge and a cool rock cavern that doubles as an activity panel when you crawl inside. A possible issue to this playground is that the steps are rather high, as if built for big kids and up.


Nearby is a large swing set with 8 arch swings all in brand new condition.


The second site is a large playground as well. Everything about this playground is very high up. One of the bridges itself is over 6ft from the ground at its tallest point. There are 2 benches and a nearby set of activity panels. This playground has floating pods, a fireman’s pole, a wobbly bridge, spinning monkey bars and a triple slide.