Souper Duper hopes to woo Dragons with Delicious Dartmouth Soup



The History

Souper Duper started by accident. A simple gesture of bringing soup to a friend created a demand for a high quality affordable lunch option-Word of mouth at its best.

Jen & Roz started delivering soup in December of 2014 and their business has now had a location since June of 2015. (156 Ochterloney)

The Soup Club

I must say I walked by Souper Duper numerous times and never went in; always saying to myself, “I really need to go in there… procrastinator extraordinaire” The truth is I love soup, and I love a hearty soup full of flavor and creativity. Well, Souper Duper didn’t wait for me to walk through their doors, they came to me. Office Delivery! So a colleague of mine set up for us to try their soups through their soup club. So, samples were delivered and we haven’t looked back! Oh. My. Gosh. these soups are hearty, healthy, and home-cooked goodness and delivered every Thursday to our office.

The soup club has grown to about 1000 participants who are on the email listing. There are typically 2 soups to choose from each week, usually a vegetarian and/or gluten friendly option available. The soup club delivers to Halifax on Wednesdays and the Dartmouth run is on Thursdays.

If you do not want to be limited to one day a week for Soup Delivery you can always check out the GATA HUB app for delivery options anytime Souper Duper is open.

Hello Dartmouth?!

The home base for Souper Duper is on Ochterloney. I asked the Souper Duper ladies, Why Dartmouth?-A familiar theme emerged. The ladies live in the area and loved the convenience of being able to run their business and balance their home lives; Downtown Dartmouth has an affinity for startups due to its sense of community and up and coming feel.  It’s emerging as a culture of success and support, and it is becoming a reality.

The Dragons

Souper Duper is hoping to expand on their business with the help of the Dragon’s on Dragon’s Den. Jen & Roz recently auditioned and are eagerly awaiting the next step. The dream is that they get an investment to help them secure a larger production facility, and utilize the marketing expertise of the Dragons and work to ultimately franchise nationally.

Check it out

If you have not checked out Souper Duper yet- don’t procrastinate any longer! Check out their website and get in the Soup Club or go in to visit.