Pekoe: Celebrity Cat of Sullivan’s Pond

The Dartmouth-famous Pekoe. (Photo by Rick Gautreau)
The Dartmouth-famous Pekoe. (Photo by Rick Gautreau)
The famous Pekoe. (Photo by Rick Gautreau)

Many Dartmouth residents will be familiar with Pekoe, the charming, personable cat who is a beloved fixture at Sullivan’s Pond.

Recently Pekoe’s owner, Dianne Coish, shared Pekoe’s story on a Facebook page about all things Dartmouth. She graciously allowed Hello Dartmouth to share the story with you.

Our Pekoe

I joined this site several weeks ago because I’d been told the ‘orange one’ was being featured here on a fairly regular basis. I read with amusement (and sometimes embarrassment) of his antics and feel compelled to write.

A few Pekoe facts: He chose us. He moved in after being abandoned at about six months of age, joining a family with 2 dogs and another cat. He is ok with the other cat and one dog. The other dog, not so much.

He is well loved and cared for with places(s) to sleep and food to eat, but the truth is, although he rests and ‘refuels’ here, he really lives at the pond.

He loves people mostly and clearly loves to go for rides in cars. We have travelled far and wide to fetch him whenever an unsuspecting driver realizes they’ve transported a stowaway.

To those who feel he should not be permitted to roam, you’ve not lived with Pekoe after he’s been housebound for a few days.

Pekoe has introduced us to many Dartmouthians. He loves to watch Mrs Moir as she tends her gardens and he gets regular treats from a couple who drive here just for that purpose. For a long time we tried to determine how cat treats managed to travel from the kitchen pantry to the front step. Now we know.

We have collected many photos, press clippings etc over the years, all featuring Pekoe. The icing on the cake was when he was featured in the mural that graces the back wall of the Findlay Community Centre. Research determined that the committee knows Pekoe and so does the artist!

To those who have been so kind to him over the past 8 years or so, thank you, thank you and THANK YOU. We started this journey with our little orange friend mostly losing sleep but following countless (daily) calls from you, our hearts are completely and thoroughly warmed by your kindness. And to the lady the other day who tried to convince animal control officers that he was lost and should be ‘taken in’, they know him as well.

Pekoe is feature in the mural by artist Lee Cripps on the Findlay Wall
Pekoe is feature in the mural by artist Lee Cripps on the Findlay Wall



  1. We met Pekoe this past summer at Sullivans Pond. We took my 82 year old mother to the pond for a visit and as it turned out it was her last visit as she was battling terminal cancer. Pekoe made her day with his antics and with us trying to get him out from underneath of our car before we drove away. Thank you Pekoe for bringing a smile to my face every time we drive by the pond and see you…and think of that summer day…

  2. I lived on Hawthorne Street for a year and a half. I first saw Pekoe when I went for a walk around Sullivan’s Pond and noticed him navigating the rocks to cross the river while playing with the ducks. The ducks obviously were not afraid and played along by keeping inches in front of Pekoe to tease him. In the summer, when I left my door open, Pekoe would come in to visit and explore (looking for treats and affection). He would decide when the visit was over and not a minute sooner and not even when I was late for work. It seemed at those times, he would choose to follow me to my car and hop in. He was so funny and I chuckled watching him do it to others. I love Pekoe and have returned to visit him. He always leads me to believe that he remembers me.

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