Mural Madness at Hawthorn Elementary School



















Let us introduce ourselves, we are the Playgrounders! A duo of highly trained professional with over 40 combined years learning and perfecting the art of recreational play. Gerald, the Monkey bar Master and Akira, the Sultan of the Slides are here to relieve the hassle for you to find those hidden gems tucked away in your local community. We have compiled a list of playgrounds in your neighbourhood for you to look through and find what best suits your needs. Alright let’s get hunting!

This playground is attached to Hawthorn Elementary School (6-10 Hawthorne street). This is a medium sized playground. Parking is available around the school as well as on the streets nearby. Amenities for this playground include a baseball field, benches, garbage cans, and basket balls nets.


Nearly everything about this playground is very different from all the other playgrounds we’ve surveyed thus far. It features geometric rope webs, geometric rock wall, reflex balance wave, large hard ball pods, trapeze challenge, spiral slide, curved ladder and some monkey bars. There is even small balance tubes that we’ve never seen on any other playground before. A possible con to this playground is that because each thing is unique and exclusive, playing on it more then a few times could render it boring.