Monkey Business in Dartmouth Crossing


















This Playground is also known as Go Wild! located in Dartmouth Crossing (185 Hector Gate). This is a large playground that is Themed! Everything is forest wildness themed. An interesting point about this playground is that it’s only open seasonally and for certain hours. It’s hours for summer 2015 are as follows, Monday to Saturday 9am-9pm and Sunday 10am-8pm. However because it is gated, you can let your kids run free without worrying that they’ll get out! Thanks to the adult height gate latches. Parking is available all around this playground. Amenities include benches, garbage can, shopping, restaurants, and a nearby movie theatre.


This playground has large plastic tree trunk for climbing, twisty slides, a very unique bridge, plastic see through bubble windows, loads of activity panels and an inflatable boat swing. There is also a rock wall and photo op boards. A potential con about this playground is that it is very busy, which in turn just shows emphasis on how popular it is.