Meet Graeme MacDougall – Hello Dartmouth intern

Hello Dartmouth's new man on the street, Graeme MacDougall
Hello Dartmouth's new man on the street, Graeme MacDougall
Hello Dartmouth’s new man on the street, Graeme MacDougall

We’re delighted to welcome Nova Scotia Community College student Graeme MacDougall on board as he completes an internship for the Radio & Television Arts – Broadcast Journalism program. 

Graeme is “a Dartmouth boy, born and raised”. His passion for Dartmouth makes him the perfect fit for our publication, and we’re excited to share his work over the next few weeks.

Read more about Graeme and his plans for shining a light on our beautiful city:


What drew you to the broadcast journalism program at NSCC ?

GM: Before taking the program I had a decent and secure job, but I realized that I wanted more. I wanted work that I could throw myself into–one where I could be creative and tackle new things each day. I’m passionate about storytelling, and I was interested in learning all areas of audio and video production, so I took the plunge.


Why are you passionate about journalism?

GM: Telling stories! One of the cool things about journalism is that there are so many great stories out there to tell. No matter what you are working on, you are always out there meeting new people and learning new things. One day you’re interviewing an MLA, the next day you’re interviewing Santa Claus (yes, that really happened).


Why are you passionate about Dartmouth?

 GM: It’s my home! It’s so underrated. I want the world to know just how great Dartmouth really is. There’s so much to offer here.


What skills and talents do you bring to your internship at Hello Dartmouth?

GM: I’m really into shooting videos, recording audio, writing, and editing. But more importantly I really love thinking of creative ways to approach storytelling. I’m hoping to use these skills to create some cool content for Hello Dartmouth. Plus, I’m not too shabby on the dance floor…


What do you hope to share through your internship with Hello Dartmouth?

GM: Dartmouth has such a rich history, and is such a great city. I think it’s important that we celebrate it. I want to celebrate our people, our businesses, and our landmarks–our city as a whole.


What career path do you see for yourself after you graduate?

GM: I’m open to anything, behind the camera, in front of the camera. In radio, TV. or web. Documentaries would be cool! The broadcast industry is so exciting and diverse. I want to dip my hands in everything


So, if you see a guy walking around Dartmouth in the coming weeks with a camera and a recorder, chances are, it’s Graeme! Feel free to say “hi”.