Long overdue retreat center in the works



The HRM is being given a gift. A gift being provided by Dartmouth resident Amy McNaughton in the form of a retreat center for woman. The first of it’s kind in metro is planned for construction on Bissett Lake Road in Dartmouth.  The Meadow Transformational Centre for Women will be an open space for professional women who are looking to grow and expand their lives.

“It will be a place of transformation and personal evolution”, McNaughton explains, “Clients of The Meadow Learning Centre would stay for a day or use overnight accommodations, on weekend or five day programs, participate in recreation, educational and personal service uses offered in the main building and in open space areas”. She coaches women to become the best that they can be, both professionally and personally.

During her travels in the U.S., McNaughton discovered that many women would like to come to metro to give workshops for other women, but had no central place to focus their work. McNaughton says she is hopeful everything will go according to plan and the first building of The Meadow will be complete within two years.

“I believe that life should be effortless and that is what I am aiming to create for women who want to be more in their personal and professional lives.”

For more information on The Meadow call Amy at 832-9332. Call with your support today.

Source: http://www.halifaxnewsnet.ca/News/2012-03-27/article-2940325/Womens-retreat-planned-for-Dartmouth/1

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