Local photographer captures action on ice

Photographer Nick Hubley (Photo by Bridget Hargraft)

By Kate Watson

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Dartmouth’s Nick Hubley produced the equivalent of several novels on his recent trip to Europe.

Hubley, who is about to graduate from the professional photography program at NSCC, was invited to accompany the King’s-Edgehill School boys’ and girls’ hockey teams as their official photographer on their tour of Germany, Austria and Northern Italy where he chronicled every aspect of the trip.

“This is a trip that King’s-Edgehill has done for the past few years, but this year they decided they wanted to document the experience,” explains Hubley.

“I took pictures of everything including the flights, the tour and the games.”

Hubley put his experience as the team photographer for the Halifax Mooseheads to good use, and he found shooting photos in the natural-light-filled European arenas an interesting experience.

A love of taking pictures runs in Hubley’s family—both his mother and grandmother demonstrated talent behind lens. In fact, Hubley discovered his love for taking action shots when he first took his mother’s camera to a football game in Junior High.

“I love shooting at sports events,” says Hubley, who is hoping make a career in sports photography. “So much of it is on the fly, and the results are different every time.”


Photo gallery by Nick Hubley. Portrait of Nick Hubley by Bridget Hargraft.