Kids Are Running For Their Lives!


Running so fast that his feet barely seem to touch the ground or going for a brisk run enabling her to clear the clutter in her mind are two of the things most people would surely love to be able to enjoy, and the Youth Running Series is just the thing for kids to learn how to do it!

YRS is allowing kids to embrace the joy of running with safe practices in mind through supervision from volunteers including seasoned athletes, enthusiasts, parents and teachers. While learning how to gain control over their health and fitness level, the kids are having fun. They have the chance to reap the many rewards that come with running, such as building endurance, strength and flexibility while reducing the risk of being overweight. They learn strategies to perform well all while gaining breathing techniques not only to run safely, but to gain control over life’s pressures. It is also a great activity to allow for better sleep and release the “feel good” endorphins we all need.


Compared with some other sporting activities, it is affordable and probably one with the least amount of gear and stringent schedules. The sneakers are the most expensive item needed, but even at local stores a child’s pair of sneakers can start at $20 or run much higher depending on competitive level or body requirements. The registration fee for YRS is $25 per child or $50 per family to become a full series member or $5 per race which you can register for online. As a mother of a third year YRS participant, I have seen many people exchange grown out sneakers with one another and car pool to events. Many sporting stores have deals to buy one pair and get the second half price, last season stock discounts, social media sites have links to local kids clothing swaps or online yard sales.

During the year there are various races with themes or interesting locations such as the MacPass Miles across the MacDonald Bridge. This year’s first race is scheduled for May 2nd 10AM at The Fairbanks Centre in Shubie Park in Dartmouth. The deadline to register as a member is June 28, 2015 at the Gorsebrook Race. One of the best race events in my family’s opinion was last year at Victoria Park in Truro. Before the race people were engaged with one another while the children enjoyed one another and the large playground, and after the race many people stayed and spent the afternoon picnicking, swimming, and hiking.

Besides connecting with classmates outside of school during the year, they get to meet other kids throughout HRM and some surrounding communities, go to places they may have never been, and partake in a banquet to celebrate their success.

New this year – not only the top three schools have a chance to win cash rewards, but also the ones with over 75 POINTS … and parents get training now as there will be two races for you!

Every race we attended, snacks and beverages for the runners were available along with first aiders. Just with any outdoor activity, we encourage our runner to be prepared and pack her filled water bottle, snack, sunscreen, ball cap, sunglasses, mini first aid kit, and a hoody. After all, it will not be that long before she will not want her parents running alongside to help her workout her cramp or encouraging her up the steep hill or snapping photos of her milestones.   There will be a day when she too will run so fast that her feet will seem to not touch the ground; she will be lost in the runner’s high and exhilaration of pushing her body to perform at its best. It is times like those that we want her to be prepared to take good care of herself, so we feel that now is a good time to encourage her to be ready to take care of her wellbeing.

For YRS information including registration, calendar and FAQs, you can visit

See you at the races!