Indulgence Intimate Apparel : Lingerie and more

Indulgence Intimate Apparel at 30 Portland Street (Photo by Jenn Gregory Photography)
Indulgence offers lingerie for every budget and size. (Photo by Jenn Gregory Photography)
Indulgence offers lingerie for every budget and size. (Photo by Jenn Gregory Photography)


Indulgence Intimate Apparel is a Dartmouth business that offers a wide range of lingerie and sexy, sensual products.

Owner Shannon Marshall has created a shop with a welcoming atmosphere for customers in search of fun things to keep their relationships fresh and full of surprises.

Find out more about what this nicely naughty shop has to offer:


What made you want to be a store owner, and what drew you to intimate apparel and products?

SM: I have always loved retail and customer service and the highlight of my work days has always been meeting new clients and helping them find something special. I have been working in retail since I was 15 years old. After going to college for a small business degree and working an office job for a year I realized that retail was the only job for me. I was very lucky to do some traveling in my early 20’s I realized that the ‘naughty’ shops in other countries (UK, France) are VERY different than what was available in NS. I was amazed at how warm, welcoming, and open these stores were and how proud women of all ages were to frequent these stores. I realized that the lack of female focused romantic stores in NS was a great opportunity and after months of research and lots of elbow grease, Indulgence was born. I was determined to give women a comfortable place to shop, to sell only the highest quality products, to carry lingerie in sizes that fit all women, and to banish the feeling that sex shops are ‘dirty’. My mission every day is to make people feel good, about themselves, their bodies, and their relationships.


What are some of the most popular items sold at the store?

SM: Our all-natural, organic massage oils, lubricants, and body care are incredibly popular. Women love getting a product that’s good for your skin and your sex life! One of our favorites is an organic Coconut Lime Verbena massage oil from a company called Sliquid. It’s incredible. Our luxury toy brands like We Vibe, Fun Factory, Lelo, and JimmyJane are also big hits. I think people are tired of getting junky products and want things that are going to work well for a long time.


Tell us a little about the lingerie you offer

SM: We carry a beautiful selection of lingerie and while our most popular pieces are our gorgeous corsets, I like to make sure we have something for everyone, every budget, and every size in stock. Our sizes range from a size Small to a 4X. You will find soft floaty babydolls, sexy nights, risqué bodystockings, corsets, bustiers, waist cinchers, hosiery, robes and pretty panties at Indulgence in all sizes. While most of our outfits are designed for bedroom wear, lots of our clients love to rock a corset with a little jacket and a pencil skirt for a night out. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that bras and bra fittings take special care and attention. We are happy to refer clients to stores that specialize in bras but we do not carry them ourselves.


Are there reasons why people would choose to visit the store rather than shop from your online catalogue?

SM: Most people like to touch a product, feel the satiny material, or smell that mandarin massage oil. I have always been one of those people! We keep testers of everything at Indulgence. I think majority of our clients come in to the store for that hands on experience. Our website is a great way to see what we currently have in stock and a lot of our clients have a browse online but most people like come in for a visit. Perhaps it’s to get a cuddle in with Goldie, our golden retriever/unofficial mascot : )


What would you like people to know about Indulgence?

SM: I’d like people to know that there is a store that cares about your love life just as much as you do. Every client that walks through our door is special to us and we want to make that client feel good. We pride ourselves of giving incredible customer service and real usable advice and products.


Why is Dartmouth a good place to do business?

SM: There is a sense of pride and community in Downtown Dartmouth that other areas just don’t have. The people that live in Dartmouth love seeing their downtown core being revived and are proud to support the new rush of great business. The business owners themselves are a collection of lovely hard working people that provide a great support system to one another. And there is just something so lovely about being near the harbor, seeing the water every day and all the people coming and going is wonderful. We are very proud to be a part of Downtown Dartmouth and look forward to seeing where it goes in the future.


Indulgence Intimate Apparel at 30 Portland Street (Photo by Jenn Gregory Photography)
Indulgence Intimate Apparel at 30 Portland Street (Photo by Jenn Gregory Photography)