Huxley. Roving reporter bunny report



Greetings, fellow Dartmouthians!

How have you been? I’ve been keeping very busy here at The Dart Gallery – there have been so many visitors lately! In between naps (bunnies tend to sleep during the day, and are most active in the early morning and late evening – in case you were wondering) I’ve been making notes on what’s been happening so I can share with all of you.

Jim Henson fans – you are out there, and you are passionate! I have heard many stories of how Jim Henson and his creations have inspired you, how memories have been created with family and friends, and even that Kermit may have been a first crush for some of you.   We’ve had visitors from Ontario, England, and of course lots from our beautiful Dartmouth.

(Pause for a snack of hay)

Did you know that hay is the best thing for a rabbit to eat? It’s true. Bunnies need lots of fiber to stay healthy, and giving a rabbit unlimited fresh hay is a great way to keep them feeling their best. It’s also good for their teeth, which are constantly growing.

(Another pause for a snack of pellets – with thanks to Calum Johnson of Strange Adventures. Calum and his lovely wife Sandy just celebrated their anniversary by taking their family to White Point, where loads of my brethren roam the grounds. Being the thoughtful gentleman he is, when Calum discovered they had brought leftover bunny food home from White Point, he had it sent over to me at the gallery. This is another reason why I love my community so much – there are so many thoughtful, considerate people living here.)

It’s been a pleasure to enjoy the work of our talented local artists, as always. I am so impressed with the variety of mediums in this show. If you haven’t seen it yet, better hurry – it runs until June 2. Up next at the gallery is Self ef Face – Large Scale Portrait series by Lee Cripps, opening June 4, 7-9pm. This series of paintings is a direct comment on the age of the Selfie. For more info, see:

Until next time everybody!

Peace, love, & carrots,