Greetings, fellow residents and enthusiasts of Dartmouth!



Greetings, fellow residents and enthusiasts of Dartmouth!

I’m Huxley. I’m a proud resident of Dartmouth and spend my days hanging out at The Dart Gallery. To those of you who have visited me at the gallery, you may have caught a glimpse of me sleeping behind the counter or wide awake and excited, begging for delicious treats. I get rather sleepy during the daytime and prefer to throw bunny parties (i.e. rocking out and bouncing around in my bunny mosh pit) late at night and early in the morning when I’m at home. You may think I sleep all the time, but nope – I can bust a move with the best of ‘em and at times my humans can barely keep up with me.

I love hanging out at the gallery for a few reasons. First, I love to snuggle and enjoy having company. So, I like to snuggle with humans (who I see as just bigger bunnies) whenever I can. Second, I get to meet so many nice people at the gallery! It has warmed my little bunny heart to meet so many kind Dartmouthians – I am so proud to be part of such a kind and supportive community. I am especially fond of those of you who have brought me treats at the gallery – wow! Thank you so much! Like most bunnies, I love carrots, carrot tops, and most of all apples. Yum!

Finally, I feel so fortunate to hang out at the gallery because it’s a privilege to enjoy the beautiful locally produced artwork that is displayed here. The energy and enthusiasm of our creative community never fails to inspire me. Art rules! And it’s not just something that’s expensive or unattainable – nope, it’s something for everybody to enjoy. Stop by and visit – and I’m sure you’ll agree.

You’ll find me chatting about art in this column, but also about the community I love and why it’s my favourite place to be. Until next time, Dartmouth!

Peace, love, & carrots,