Galactic Paradox: Gamers’ Paradise coming to Woodside



Keep your eye on the Woodside Plaza (211 Pleasant Street) over the next few weeks for the opening of a new business.

Galactic Paradox will offer a wide selection of comics, games and toys as well as a sit-down space for people to play, trade or chat about board or card games like Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh.

Owner Ivor Publicover feels the shop will be a great addition to Dartmouth, “Currently, there isn’t a comic or gaming shop in Dartmouth that offers a large open sit down area to game and have fun. I remember when I went to Gold Dragon in Eastern Passage and played board games and card games with my friends. I had a lot of fun, and I want my customers to have that same experience.”

Follow Galactic Pardox on Twitter @GPDartmouth, or on Facebook for more details about the grand opening.