Eastern Passage hosts a truly “Maritime” Race Weekend


Soo.. after years of trying to get in to the Maritime Race Weekend, I finally did it! This weekend of races sells out early and it is truly a unique experience on the Maritime Race Circuit. There were many memories that stood out to me this past weekend, so I thought I would do a quick re-cap to my Hello Dartmouth friends. So here are 4 memories that make Maritime Race Weekend stand out from the numerous races that go on during the running season.

  1. Authentic Maritime Race Feel- The race commences in the picturesque Fishermen’s Cove. As you are corralled into Fishermen’s Cove your senses are overwhelmed by the scenery of the fishery, and the smells of the fishery from start to finish (from hauling fish on to the boat, to the smell of fish n’ chips in the fryer). Please note- Fish n’ chips is not a good pre-race meal, (save for after). I will add to this that the weather for both days this year was foggy! You cannot get more maritime than the lingering fog, and the constant threat of rain.!!!
  2. Community Spirit!-There were numerous members of the community out cheering the racers on, and up early with us! The community was outside of their homes at 8 am with us, supporting people on their quest for personal bests. There were several creative signs along the way, that were absolutely hilarious and take your mind off the task at hand, and help you remember that running is fun!
  3. Atmosphere- This race is really well organized and had so many volunteers!! Big thank you to them for making the day possible!! Some of the volunteers were even in pirate costume, again making the event fun and truly an energetic experience.
  4. The race swag. This is not what the race is about, but it sure is nice to get some nice practical gear for participating. Hats, Buffs, technical shirts, and beefy medals. These are the little things, but they are nice touches to keep you motivated and proud of your running accomplishments.

The Eastern Passage and Dartmouth community should be pleased to host this event every year, bringing thousands of runners from away to see the beautiful coastline and the hospitality that the Eastern Passage community has to offer! Well done Eastern Passage!!!