Eastern Passage Cow Bay Summer Carnival 2015


Join us Sunday August 2nd to the 9th to celebrate summer and unwind during our carnival days. We have a little bit of something for everyone including a picnic, cold plate supper, senior’s tea (all welcome), dances for the young and young at heart, fireworks, parade, 25,000 domino topple, Midway rides, community booths, sand sculpture contest, talent show, laser tag, various tournaments, petting zoo, sports clinic, Blessing of the Fleet and more. It all takes place where you have the pleasure of enjoying our beautiful view, down home hospitality and the refreshing breeze from the ocean.

Pack your snacks or have your choice of chowing down on carnival food, pizzerias’ menus, cafe treats, food huts offering a variety of options or indulging in full service restaurants with a nautical view. This is where our local fishing boats dock to deliver fresh fish and lobsters to the chefs’ kitchens. If you are dining on our waterfront, your will most likely have a choice of decadent desserts including a wide variety of ice cream or cake choices, but I recommend the delicious homemade pies at Whats The Scoop … you will be lucky if the coconut cream is not sold out.

Mostly everything is within walking distance for most, or jump on Metro Transit for Bus Route 60 will take you to the heart of it all. McCormack’s Beach has parking and a boardwalk as does connecting Fisherman’s Cove where you can visit one of the many craft or specialty shops and cafés including one for dogs, not to mention a candy shop.

There may only be a small handful of places where you can do it all easily and without much travel, we are certainly one of those gems. In fact, if you want to get away from it all to the sound of the waves and vast sandy beach, Cow Bay’s Rainbow Haven is just a 12 minute drive further.

My family moved here a number of years back because we were coming here so often to enjoy all that the community and location has to offer. But don’t take my word for it, come and find out for yourselves or get reacquainted with us again. We can’t wait to see you.