Halifax Pride display characters taken down before festival



Those walking around Atlantic Fabrics in the last couple weeks would have noticed a display in their front window showing support for a local event called Halifax Pride. The event this year features a theme of ‘Once Upon a Pride’ which shows a cast of family friendly characters showing off their pride around the city. Pretty playful and to this writer, pretty safe.

That display has gone away only days before the big event. Unofficially , word on the street say that it was due to being found, ‘offensive’. In the end businesses can do what they want. But in this small community be sure to questioned on why.

Management at Atlantic Fabrics have not been contacted for comment.

What do you think ?

UPDATE: A representative from Atlantic Fabrics has confirmed that there is still a ‘rainbow coloured’, ‘Pride themed’ display being shown in their window but did not confirm or deny the characters being removed.

However the characters were indeed removed the day after being installed as they were deemed, ‘inappropriate and offensive’ says an independent source.

As I originally asked, What is your opinion?