Dartmouth High Teacher Nominated for National Award

Heather Hughes-Leck and one of her Grade 12 English classes at Dartmouth High


Heather Hughes-Leck and one of her Grade 12 English classes  at Dartmouth High
Heather Hughes-Leck and one of her Grade 12 English classes at Dartmouth High

Dartmouth High School’s Heather Hughes-Leck is an inspired and inspiring teacher who works hard to foster social responsibility in her students.

Her ability to engage students in social  and environmental issues has earned Hughes-Leck a nomination as one of 12 teachers in the running for the Canadian Family Teacher Awards. (She is the only nominee from Canada’s East Coast.)

The three teachers with the highest number of votes will each receive $2,500 for programming and supplies at their school.

Read more about the great work Hughes-Leck is doing, then vote for her here.


What made you decide to be a teacher?

H H-L: I always wanted to be a teacher. There was no other choice for me. My father, who was a teacher, even tried to talk me out of education. Obviously I didn’t listen, and I have always loved working with young people.

How long have you been teaching?

H H-L: I graduated from SMU in 1995 with my Bachelor of Education and have not looked back. For most of my career I have taught with the HRSB in Dartmouth but I have also taught in Kuwait, Japan and Vietnam.

What do you teach?

H H-L: I teach grade 10, 11 and 12 English and grade 12 Sociology.

Were you surprised be nominated for this award?

H H-L: I was very surprised by the nomination! When the email came in I thought it was spam and thought about deleting it. Two of my co-workers encouraged me to look into and accept the nomination. I feel very honoured by the nomination. `

Why do you think volunteerism is important?

H H-L: It’s what makes the world a good place to live in. It’s what is going to change and fix what’s wrong with our world.

What’s the best thing about working with young people?

H H-L: Their energy, their belief that they can make a change, and their optimism. I love seeing students grow and change into the young adults that are going to affect change in the world. That, to me, makes it all worthwhile.

What projects will benefit if you win this award?

H H-L: I have so many ideas! My priority would be the projects that the DHS Human Rights Interact Club and Eco Club undertake. This would include donations and support to Pasos de Esperanza Dominican Republic, which is the group we have had the pleasure of working with in the Dominican Republic for the last two years. I would also want to invest in some environmental projects at DHS.