Cookie Time!




What time is it? It’s time for cookies!

This time of year many residents will have had at least one child knock on their door peddling a box mixed a line each of chocolate and vanilla cookies. For $5.00 a box you too can enjoy this sweet treat.

As a Guider myself and the mother of a Brownie in the Dartmouth District, I recognize the importance of our bi-annual fundraising campaign. The profits go towards allowing us to afford rental space, camp fees, badges, special outings and educational tours. Whenever someone agrees to purchase these cookies you are not only boosting the confidence of the wee lassie sales person at your door, but you are investing in her growth and development through Girl Guides of Canada curriculum.

In mid fall the campaign comes again, but at that time the Mint variety is sold. As Guiders, we are on the fence as to which variety of treats are the most popular, but I must convey that whenever we are out selling cookies, we have at least one person yell from a far, “Do you have any mint?” In my experience no one has asked for the other, but that is not to take away from their deliciousness, especially when paired with a cold glass of milk. In my opinion, the chocolate dipping companion is a delectable treat.

Girl Guides of Canada recently challenges Canadian bakers to create their own masterpieces with GGC cookies. Here is the link to view the creations