Come Sail and Play At Alderney Landing


















Come Sail and Play also known as the Kiwanis Playground located in Alderney Landings Ferry Park. This is a large playground. Parking is available on the roads nearby and at Alderney landing. Amenities include The World Peace Pavilion,an amphitheatre, a large park area with walking and bike paths, plenty of benches and garbage cans. Downtown dartmouth offers plenty of shopping from local businesses.


This playground is extremely unique and Themed! The theme is based on your imagination! It could be a space ship, a pirate ship, a yacht or various other things you could think of. It features climbing activities in every different form all over it. Rock climbing walls everywhere. There is a working periscope and a four person spinner. Some cons include large potential to bump your head on things and possibly a tight squeeze for the older adventurers.