Celebrate 25+ years of Nova Scotian literature on January 29


Book Awards celebration

A party to celebrate Nova Scotian writers and writing? Yes please!

Join the friends of the Dartmouth Book Awards on January 29th at Celtic Corner for a fun evening of words and music.

To learn more about the history of the awards, check out this article from Atlantic Books Today:

The Dartmouth Book Awards: 25 years and counting

Community advocate and arts supporter Paul Robinson got the ball rolling on the Dartmouth Book Awards 27 years ago

The Dartmouth Book Awards honour the region’s best writers

“Toronto had one. Ottawa had one. Why not a book award in Dartmouth?”

That was the question Paul Robinson asked himself 27 years ago—and Robinson, an arts supporter and passionate community advocate, is not the type to let a good idea go unrealized. To that end, he set about to bring allies and sponsors on board, and in 1989, the Dartmouth Book Award was launched.

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