Buried Alive: The Sawmill River


Jocelyne Rankin, of the Ecology Action Centre, talks about daylighting the Sawmill river.


Credit: Sam Austin/SpacingAtlantic
Credit: Sam Austin/Spacing Atlantic



  1. Anything more I can do to add momentum. I’ve written to Gloria McCluskey three times; written to the owner of King’s Wharf; reposted everything I’ve been sent on this; written to the mayor and my councillor, Waye Mason. We need a high profile kayakist or canoeist to be a spokesperson. Would any of our Olympians be willing? Maybe a performance piece like dressing in blue and walking along the route as in the map above carrying a giant banner, or maybe you’ve already done this. How about projecting the movie, “Lost Rivers” on one of the buildings in the vicinity?

    Joanne Light

    • I think you’re doing all the right things, Joanne. There is a real appetite for daylighting to happen, but we need to keep the issue in the public eye. Hopefully after Christmas we’ll hear more about the status of the staff report on feasibility and costs.

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