The Big Three of Ian Forsyth elementary school


















Let us introduce ourselves, we are the Playgrounders! A duo of highly trained professional with over 40 combined years learning and perfecting the art of recreational play. Gerald, the Monkey bar Master and Akira, the Sultan of the Slides are here to relieve the hassle for you to find those hidden gems tucked away in your local community. We have compiled a list of playgrounds in your neighbourhood for you to look through and find what best suits your needs. Alright let’s get hunting!

This playground is attached to Ian Forsyth elementary school (22 Glencoe Dr). It is a combination of three play sets at one location. Parking is available in both the front of the school and the side depending on time of day. There is also parking available on the street. The amenities of this location include a basketball hoop and a soccer field. It also has plenty of pavement games such as hopscotch and four square. Each playground has a number of wooden benches around them.

TheBigThreeImage1The first playground is of medium size. It’s featured oddities include a large triple slide, a horizontal climbing wall and some floating balance pods. This playground has three arch swings and room for a fourth that is reserved for special needs children during school hours. There are activity panels that provide a great diversity in all levels of play for avid learners.

The main function of the second playground is the Jupiter. It is a web of geometric interlocking ropes. The only downside is that it requires a slight level of manoeuvrability and a slip up can give rope burns. This section also features four arch swings.


The third and final playground is quite large. There is another triple slide that ranges from being steep to bumpy. There is a rope wall that connects two sections of the playground. It is in poor condition and has duct tape holding parts of it together. This playground also features three different kind of monkey bars to challenge a skilled climber.