Balancing Your Life in Downtown Dartmouth


Downtown Dartmouth is the most tranquil spot in HRM ahem.. Halifax. A balanced life is one that includes, peace, exercise, healthy food and healthy community.

Here are my top 5 things that lead me to believe Downtown Dartmouth is the Ringleader of Balanced Living. They are in no particular order, on any given day one may top my list!

1. Of course the view of Halifax makes the top 5. It is simply amazing, whether you are right down on the waterfront or walking down Portland St. with the sun beating on your skin, serenity now. Sunshine, water, nature and small town feel at your fingertips it doesn’t get much better than this folks.

2. Fine Dining. There are numerous great spots in the downtown but one of my favorites is the Wooden Monkey. It ties in #1 (THE VIEW) and has amazing local food, with an intimate dining experience. And.. ps if you are gluten free, it is not a struggle to find a tasty food option.

3. Downtown Dartmouth is my favorite place to take a run, walk, row, or bike ride. There is of course an amazing run around Sullivan’s pond and Lake Banook, which is great beginner 5k.  There is also a beautiful trail that starts around King’s Wharf and winds all the way down to the Woodside Ferry Terminal. Along here you will meet many friendly walkers, runners and cyclists. This trail is free of vehicle traffic and creates one of the safest environments for you and I to get fit!

2. Minimal Traffic.  At the busiest times of the workweek, Downtown Dartmouth is relaxing. People are not jammed in their cars sitting idle.  This makes for fresher air, peace of mind and a great place to walk around.

5. Without further adieu, one of the most exciting keys to living a balanced life in downtown Dartmouth is the Alderney Market on the weekends. Wow. Great food and conversation happens here. This is what a market should truly exemplify! On Saturday and Sunday you can find local artists, farmers and entrepreneurs sharing high quality product at very reasonable prices. There is no commercialization here folks, this market is the real deal. Real food, Real people, Real life. Check it out you will not be disappointed.

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