A tribute to Allan Rowe



Dartmouth South MLA Allan Rowe (Nova Scotia government)
Dartmouth South MLA Allan Rowe (Nova Scotia government)

Allan Rowe didn’t consider himself a natural politician. I once had the opportunity to ask him why he decided to run in the 2013 provincial election. His answer was, “I was asked”.

After retiring from journalism in 2012, he wasn’t looking for a new career. But what was revealed in the course of that conversation was that Allan had always left the door to new experiences wide open.

He had worked in a variety of professions, from retail to roughneck, and seemed genuinely amazed by and grateful for all the opportunities life had given him.

In his work for the people of Dartmouth South, Allan was both accessible and approachable. He loved his community, and embraced the opportunity to serve it.

We here at Hello Dartmouth want to convey our thoughts and prayers to Allan’s friends and family.

He will be missed.

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Kate Watson
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